Jacob1808 is at home in a wonderful setting. In the middle of the lively Thurgau rose town of Bischofszell between Lake Constance, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of St. Gallen and the Alpstein mountains.

Discover Bischofszell and the surrounding area:

5 minutes on the way

Farmers' market on Saturday
Organic farm and unpacked food shop
Bischofszell Rose Week and Bischofszell Advent Market
Two hiking routes, four cycle routes and two skate routes from Switzerland Mobile for the athletically ambitious
Swimming in the Sitter, Thur and Hauptwil ponds
Barbecue in the Hudelmoos nature reserve
Exercise on the Vitaparcours for sports enthusiasts.
Wood-Raft races on Mother's Day
Stroll through blossoming apple orchards
... or take a leisurely stroll in the historic Baroque town

20 minutes on the way

UNESCO World Heritage city of St. Gallen with all its cultural and culinary temptations
Lake Constance, the Swabian Sea with its countless attractions
Golfing in Erlen, Waldkirch and Niederbüren
Helicopter flights and parachuting at Sitterdorf airport

30 minutes on the road

Altenrhein Airport
Alpstein mountains and the homely Appenzell mountain world
Golfing in Lipperswil and Gonten

50 minutes on the way

Zurich Airport

60 minutes on the way

Zurich and the Bahnhofstrasse
Rhine Falls Schaffhausen
Bregenz and its festival
Toggenburg, Lake Walen and the Churfirsten mountains
Vaduz and Liechtenstein