Dear guest,

We would like to welcome you to Jacob 1808 - fine historic town flats in Bischofszell.

Your hosts Natalie and Michael are very much looking forward to welcoming you as their guest.

Natalie - local, historian, fashionista

has spent many happy hours in the listed old town houses since her childhood. Her love of historical details was thus awakened at an early age. Whether it was the dare of sticking a finger down the throat of a carved lion's head, inventing stories based on the magnificent stucco ceilings or tumbling down the warped stairs on wild cardboard box slides. There was always something to experience and discover in these houses. Today, Natalie runs a beautiful fashion boutique in the same house and has lovingly put together the furnishings of the apartments with her sense of aesthetics. Pieces that have been in the family for years have been complemented with design classics with great attention to detail. The entire region was rummaged through for antique furniture and home accessories, which now make each apartment unique.

Michael - swabian, architect and mastermind

Before just one stroke of the new plans was put on paper, Michael had a clear vision of how the two houses at Grubplatz should be connected and united into a unified whole.

As an architect, it was important to him to restore and preserve the original building fabric. Historic materials from the storehouse of the Thurgau preservation of historical monuments were reused and today complement the elements that are still preserved. At the same time, contemporary comfort was created - completely new bathrooms and kitchens with state-of-the-art technology, digital access options and full W-LAN coverage integrated.

Ultimately, both wanted to create a unique place - the quintessence of their passions and the best of both worlds. In the listed walls of Natalie's ancestors, they found the perfect spaces to realise this vision: A place with soul, where a visit is more than just a stay.